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Around the World of Mayflowers

This is an extra section for those members who do not live in the UK and may feel that everything Mayflower in Flower Power, or indeed this website, is UK-centric! Not so, all we need is your input; in this area we feature letters and articles published over the years in Flower Power and ask for members to contribute directly to this web site also. In addition, we list current members’ names and contacts (e-mail) categorised by region. If you want to organise a sub-group of regional members – or may already have done so – let us know!

Members around the world

Click on a region link to find-out who’s interested in Mayflowers in your part of the Triumph Mayflower world…


No information available for this continent yet.


No information available for this continent yet.



Ex-members or non-members with Mayflower interests
Flag of Australia

New Zealand

  • John Leslie (994), Invercargill. Email:
  • Herbert Martin (1238), Oamaru, North Otago, New Zealand.
Flag of New Zealand

Europe (excluding the UK)


Flag of Denmark


  • Isobella Pelling (867), Bourneuf, St Maurice des Noues.
  • Edouard Wagenaar (976), Ouroux en Morvan, Nievre.
  • Eric Sallefranque (1146), Le Bouscat.
  • D Soulas-de Russel (1227), Veretz. Email:
Flag of France


Ex-members or non-members with Mayflower interests
  • Claus Mirbach (1164), Deepenstocken, Hamburg.
Flag of Germany


Flag of Ireland


Flag of the Netherlands

North and South America


  • Ron Wanless (846), Delta, Ontario. Email:
  • Jim Wilks (1175), Qualicum Beach, British Columbia.
Ex-members or non-members with Mayflower interests
  • Larry and Linda Spouler, Richmond, British Columbia.
Flag of Canada


Ex-members or non-members with Mayflower interests
  • Glenn and Barb Grosskleggs, Chicargo.
  • Robert Gannon. Email:
  • Dan Brown, St. George, Utah. Email:
  • Walter (Wally) Wolentarski, Old Hickery, Tenessee.
  • Bill and Derinda Byrd, Jacksonville Florida.
  • Livingstone Treuman, Madera Beach, Florida.
  • Kenny Robins, Cary, Illinois.
Flag of the USA


Many of our international members hold or attend local events of their own in their parts of the world and then write about them for Flower Power. To see a list of articles written by these members about these events, visit the events section of the website:

Mayflower Events Around the World