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This section contains documents that don’t fit into any of the other documentation categories but that doesn’t make them any less important! If there are any particularly important documents that need specific attention drawing to them, we’ll do so with a news article so that members don’t miss any.

GDPR compliance

On 25th May 2018, GDPR was brought into effect. This document gives a comprehensive account of the club’s compliance with the new regulations going forward. Big thanks to Paul Burgess for putting-in the work needed to get this all done in time.

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Download the GDPR compliance document as a PDF (342 KB)

MOT exemption

Another useful article by Paul Burgess! Paul has written about the latest regulations on MOT exemptions and taxing pre-1960 cars. Essential reading for anyone about to get their car back on the road, or for those who have been driving their Mayflowers for some time…

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Download the MOT exemption article as a PDF (122 KB)

FBHVC newsletter addendum on the Roadworthiness Directive

A useful addendum to the Federation of British Historic Vehicles Club’s newsletter addressing issues surrounding the Roadworthiness Directive, which was implemented back in May. It gives a concise summary of where the laws and regulations currently stand so that we can all be informed about what’s required to keep our cars out on the road!

Article provided by Paul Burgess.

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Download the newsletter addendum as a PDF (2.81 MB)