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Northern Rally – Ripon Racecourse

26th July 2015

Racing moved to this course in Boroughbridge Road in 1900 to establish Ripon as a regular flat racing venue, and due to its most pleasant surroundings, Ripon is known as Yorkshires Garden Racecourse. The racecourse it is now regarded as the sporting flagship of this medieval market town.

Rally report by Chad Brown

SUNDAY, JULY 26, saw a break with recent tradition, pardon the oxymoron, for the Triumph Mayflower Club in that we stood alone from the usual regular clubs with whom we usually share.

With the backing of a great established car show, Ripon Old Cars, at the Ripon Racecourse the scene was set for a great day.

A laminated weatherproof agenda was issued to all arrivals, just as well, plus a Mayflower key fob and the show itself issued plaques to commemorate the occasion.

Our club was independently awarded the “Best Club Stand” plaque at the conclusion of the show but more about that later.

As rally secretary I was delighted to have nine Mayflowers in attendance and they were as follows: MSK 624 owned by Brian Redshaw, our New and Second hand Spares Secretary, who was awarded the trophy for Best Original Car.

BDX 929, also owned by Brian, thank you for going to the trouble of bringing two cars and thanks to your son who made it possible and also attended the spares stall.

ESK 253, owned by Tony Mason, a fairly recent acquisition and a lovely looking car. It won the well-deserved Best Car in Show. Tony made an early decision to disable the Trafficators in favour of a flashing unit on the grounds that it is dangerous but they were still in place, just not functioning.

KSK 160, owned by Mike Clement from Selby in Yorkshire.

617 YUA, Little Nell, owned and cherished by yours truly, Vice Chairman and Rally Secretary, who was awarded the Chairman’s Cup for work in setting up the rally.

PWJ 737, owned by Steve Watts from Beverley who also has named his car Percy. At least I hope he has since I have that name in my notes.

JVJ 170, owned by Robert Hustwick from Haworth, sadly without his son today, the future of the club.

HFN 261, owned by Arthur Patterson from (I’m not sure as I can’t read my own writing but it’s a long way away from Ripon as he won the Long-distance Award). [Accepted by Mrs. Patterson].

ASY 787, owned by Alan Kormes from Bradford.

CSN 107, owned by Keith Pegram was there in spirit just in case those good at maths will have noticed he is number ten out of nine cars that were present!

I would like to say it was a ground breaking success, which it was for my short experience as Rally Secretary and we won the Best Club Stand award which is worth boasting over.

Sadly the weather was not on our side and shortly after our water protected laminated programme was finished the heavens opened and the rain set in for the remainder of the day.

The queue to get out of the ground was much greater than getting in and a few of us watched it from the comfort of our own club tent. That was essential as we needed to be on hand at the conclusion of the show to accept our award handed to life president Peter Benfield who has held a Mayflower presence at this show for many years.

My thanks go to Peter Benfield who arranged the site and distributed entrance tickets; to John Castle who set up the prize winning display; to John Banks who did the programmes and took the photographs and to all owners who travelled, despite the forecast.

Next year I am pursuing the idea of standing alone for our shows, with a suitable back-up venue to add to your entertainment. I have hopes of interesting the Coventry Motor Museum or a revived Stoneleigh Park venue and will keep you informed.

I have discussed with our Chairman, who also acts as Regalia Secretary just now, of launching in 2016 an annual Mayflower Mileage contest with the most travelled member with the Mayflower and a self chosen piece of regalia and cup to be awarded at our show.

As administrator I will not be included in winning so you don’t have to compete with Little Nell who travels a lot.

On a final note of discussion I would love to know your views on Tony Mason’s fear about the danger of using old fashioned Trafficators and just how many members name their treasured possession. Floods of letters please to the editor.

Prize-winning club tent and Steve Watts’ Mayflower alongside.