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The Triumph Mayflower

In retrospect, the Mayflower was a car that looked out-of-date even when launched, although under the skin it had some innovative ideas for Standard-Triumph such as unity construction. It brought a level of comfort not typical of a small car of the time. Although tastes and styles changed rapidly in the ’50s, those who owned or drove a Mayflower seemed to keep an affection for it right to this day. This section gives a brief history of our favourite classic car.

The Standard Motor Company Limited

The history of Standard-Triumph is a fascinating one, from Standard’s beginnings in 1903 to its final demise in 1994. The company was even involved in the production of agricultural tractors and WW2 aeroplanes! The link between Standard and Triumph, two independent companies, started in 1939 when Standard bought Triumph. This section gives details of the developments of the joint company, to the point when Triumph became the dominant name before being subsumed into the goliath of British Leyland and beyond…

The Triumph Mayflower Club and Flower Power magazine

Twenty-one years after the production of the Mayflower ceased, a small group of enthusiasts in Bristol, who were in love with The Mayflower, feeling it needed preserving for future generations, began our club. From small beginnings, the club now has members all over the world and has been going for over forty years, helping members to restore, maintain and show their cars. Flower Power is the magazine of the club which is produced three times a year. It reflects the thoughts of members, their ideas and activities, as well as reports of events and other news items of interest to Mayflower owners.