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Although defunct, the old website still exists in its final form with information dating back to 2003. For those who are interested in the past activities of the Triumph Mayflower Club it is a worthwhile port of call.

The Triumph Sports Six Club

Website of our fellow Triumph friends in the TSSC

We work closely with the TSSC for the betterment of both clubs to share our love for these wonderful Triumph cars. Our next AGM is due to take place at the TSSC’s headquarters for the first time – hopefully plenty more collaboration to come in future! Our spares stock is now also located at their HQ in Lubenham.

The Standard Motor Club

Spares, spares, spares!

A successful club which offers the largest stock of Standard spares available anywhere. If you own any Standard, or intend to own one soon, you owe it to yourself to join their friendly membership! They welcome owners from any country.

The Triumph Roadster Club

A club for owners of Triumph Roadsters

For owners and those interested in the Triumph Roadster 1800 and 2000 cars manufactured by the Standard-Triumph Car Company Ltd, Coventry, UK between the years 1946 and 1949. It was founded in 1960; the club is established in the United Kingdom but has an international membership catering for all owners and enthusiasts. The Triumph Mayflower Club often holds joint rallies with The Triumph Roadster Club, as well as the Triumph Razoredge Club.

The Triumph Razoredge Owners’ Club

Club devoted to Razoredge saloons

The Triumph Razoredge Club assist owners of Razoredge saloons; 1800 (TD), 2000 (TDA) and Renown (TDB/C) to restore, maintain and preserve their cars by providing a spare parts service and, through their newsletter ‘The Globe’, exchange technical information and ideas as well as promote club activities. There are also other benefits of membership which can be found on the site. The Triumph Mayflower Club often holds joint rallies with The Triumph Razoredge Club, as well as the Triumph Roadster Club.

Club Triumph Holland

A Dutch club dedicated to all Triumph cars

Club Triumph Holland (CTH) embraces all the models of the Triumph brand. From the early pre-war models through the TR series and saloons to the last produced Acclaims but also cars built with Triumph techniques for example Spartan or Swallow Doretti are welcome.

Triumph World magazine

The leading magazine for all Standard-Triumph cars

Triumph World magazine is the leading magazine dedicated to all Standard Triumph cars. Read about some of the greatest Triumphs on the road: from the TR sports, through to the Stag, Spitfire and Saloons. It also includes practical features as well as buying and maintenance advice.

Standard Triumph Forum

Umbrella organisation of clubs interested in Standard-Triumph cars

The forum is an umbrella organisation set up by the Clubs interested in preserving and running any vehicle manufactured by the Standard and Triumph companies and to provide a meeting place for discussion of all issues arising from the use of the marque’s products. The Triumph Mayflower Club regularly send delegates to the meetings.

Club Triumph

For owners and enthusiasts of Triumph cars

Club Triumph has a history going back to 1954 and caters for all owners and enthusiasts of Triumph cars. The club is run by a committee made up of unpaid enthusiasts and there are many benefits of membership which can be found on the site.

Car and Classic

Classifieds for classic cars and bikes

Car and Classic claims to be Europe’s № 1 web site for classic cars and bikes. It is possible to edit, renew or delete adverts at any time. Both private and trade adverts are free and they use an anti-fraud system. It has access to adverts by country or by classification of vehicle.

Classic Motorsports

For classic car competition enthusiasts!

A website featuring the magazine for those interested in the sports and competitive side of classic cars. The site includes sections entitled: cars, forum, news, events, articles, store.

The Triumph 2000 2500 2.5 Register

For the six-cylinder Triumph fans

A classic car club dedicated to the preservation, ownership and enjoyment of the Triumph six-cylinder saloons and estates produced between 1963 and 1977.

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