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If you would like to place an advert on this page, please get in-touch with our website editor, Rob (contact details in the sidebar), and he’ll get it published.

The advert will remain on the website for three months after the date of publication and will then be removed. If you have success in selling or acquiring your items in the meantime, please let us know so that we can keep the section relevant and up-to-date.

If after three months you wish for your advert to be re-submitted, please contact Rob again; if this is the case, perhaps you could think about altering the asking price, and possibly submit further photos to enhance the listing and boost your chances of attracting a buyer.

If you are not yet a member, feel free to use this facility to advertise all things Mayflower, but a donation of £10 to the club would be appreciated (cheques made payable to TMC, and sent to the editor; address available on request). This will help in our quest to keep these magnificent cars on the road.

Good luck!

For sale


Self-explanatory: Mayflowers for sale for range of desired conditions, levels of completion and budgets!

Photo of Dave Gibbs’ Car for Sale Photo of Dave Gibbs’ Car for Sale Photo of Dave Gibbs’ Car for Sale

For sale £3,500

“With a heavy heart, I am going to have to sell my ’flower, MSK 250.

The grill has been re-chromed, and new upper ball joints and track rods have been fitted. She needs a bit of TLC but would not take much to get her back up and pootling along, she will need to be trailered as she will need the fuel draining – she has been standing for a year.

Manuals and loads of spares included: another engine (maybe locked up can’t remember), windshield, side glass rubbers, gaskets, fan belt and much more. Also included are the hand crank, jack, metal fuel can. I will let the old tools and spanners, etc., plus other bits and bobs such as the bottles of lead additive, go as well.”

Contact: Dave Gibbs –

(Advert posted: 31/05/2022. To be removed: 31/08/2022 or when sold.)

Photo of Dave Clark’s Car for Sale Photo of Dave Clark’s Car for Sale

Triumph Mayflower 1953 (£2,000 ono)

“I am reluctantly selling my late father’s Triumph Mayflower. This was a project that he didn’t manage to get around to before he passed away. I have attempted to kick-start a restoration on it but the costs of me sub-contracting this out would sadly far outweigh the value of the car. This would fall into the ‘project’ category, engine is seized, and car does require a lot of welding. A great project for someone with the time and mechanical skills to take this on.It has 4 new tyres (ignore tyres in the photo), and been in for some welding on the sills and 4 pillars costing me the equivalent of the offer price.

I have purchased some parts from an ex-owner containing things like crankshaft, inlet exhaust manifold, clutch, water pump, oil pump, starter motor, dynamo, hub caps (× 4), starting handle, workshop manual (see photo). Also bought some parts switches and window seals from the Mayflower owners’ stock.

If you would like to discuss further, please contact me.


Contact: Dave Clark – (07870) 656505

(Advert posted: 13/05/2022. To be removed: 13/08/2022 or when sold.)

Photo of Frank Russell’s Car for Sale

For Sale – 1953 Triumph Mayflower

“Stainless steel exhaust system. Re-carpeted, re-upholstered, and re-sprayed a few years ago. Electric fan fitted behind radiator. Drives well but not used properly since Covid stopped the shows. Some spares included. Good and solid underneath. Needs some work because of age of vehicle.

£3,500 or near offer.

Vehicle is in Gloucestershire.”

Contact: Frank Russell – (07833) 891810

(Advert posted: 01/03/2022. To be removed: 01/06/2022 or when sold.)


Missing something for your build? A part just bitten the dust on you? Be sure to check this section first, in case one of your fellow members is looking to offload one (of course the spares department always has an extensive selection if you can’t find what you’re after here)! If you wish to have a ‘clear out’, gain a little cash and give others the opportunity to obtain the parts they need to keep their Mayflower on the road, then why not contact Rob to have your advert included?

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This section is for memorabilia, instruction manuals or books associated with the Mayflower. If you have any such unwanted clutter, why not advertise it and let it become someone else’s cherished possession!

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If you’ve always wanted a Triumph Mayflower (and why not!?), but the right car for you isn’t yet advertised in the cars for sale section, then you can place a free ‘wanted’ request here, stating the condition you would be looking for (e.g. fully-restored, running but needs attention, or even a complete project), together with your price-range and contact details, and we’ll see if we can put you in touch with a possible seller.

Mayflower Project Wanted

“Mayflower to take on as ‘a project’. The cost must be reasonable, particularly if a lot of work needs doing.

Needs to be in Southern England (based in Hampshire).”

Contact: James –

(Advert posted: 01/03/2022. To be removed: 01/06/2022 or when bought.)


If you’re in need of a particular part to complete your project, or just to get back on the road again, firstly look in the parts for sale section, as well as the club’s spares catalogue; then you can place a free request here, stating exactly what you need, and we’ll see if we can put you in-touch with a possible seller.

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If you’re looking for a particular book, piece of memorabilia or anything else Mayflower-related, and you can’t find it in the miscellaneous for sale section, then you can place a free request here, stating exactly what you need, and we’ll see if we can put you in-touch with a possible seller.

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